Here are several helpful suggestions for making good use of the resources
on The Scripture Sampler web site.
  • You can copy the pages in The Bible Factor back-to-back and place them in a three-ring  loose-leaf binder. This basic document can then serve as a comprehensive introduction to all the books in the Bible. And it will be a place where you can store the comments and notes you make during your own Bible studies.
  • You can photocopy the Reflection Sheets which are added to the biblical introductions and use them to record your responses to specific scriptural texts and chapters. You can then add them to your three-ring binder following their appropriate corresponding book.
  • You can use the worksheets in The Scripture Sampler section as a place to begin your encounter with specific biblical texts. The questions and puzzles in many of these sheets originated as assignments for junior-high catechetical students. They are not overly difficult. In many cases they include open-ended questions which allow a variety of appropriate responses. The “file number” at the end of each sheet indicates which page in the binder it belongs.
  • After you read some of the more provocative articles in the Shorter Comments section, you may choose to print those which intrigue you and insert them behind the appropriate page in your Bible Factor binder. Again, the “file number” is the cue.
  • You can select one of the Longer Studies to explore in a small group setting. Personal study is valuable, of course, but your study becomes a richer experience when several people explore the Scriptures together.
  • The In-Depth Articles are more scholarly in nature. You may find them challenging and may want to invite a clergyperson or professional theologian to engage in a conversation about their content.
Congregational clergy and lay leaders are welcome to reproduce these resources
and use them in their educational settings.
While they are offered free of charge for personal use,
financial contributions are welcome when they are used in parish settings.
You can contact the author via this website at:
[email protected].
Or you can email him directly at:
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The Society of Biblical Literature, headquartered in Atlanta,
is the premier organization of Scripture scholars in America.
It hosts The Bible Odyssey,  an up-to-date website
for academics and lay readers alike. 
To access it, click here:
Luther Seminary in St. Paul, Minnesota,
offers Enter the Bible, an interactive website
introducing all the books, characters, locales and histrical eras
important for studying the Scriptures.
To access it, click here: