Accessible Resources for Bible Study
for Individuals and Small Groups
Dozens of excellent Bible study resources are available from church publishers and from independent sources. Many of them, however, require participants to read textbook-size study guides.
The resources offered here are short, often only one page in length, and are designed to help you to get into the Scriptures quickly and easily, with just enough background information to enable you to read and discuss the biblical text with understaneing and appreciation.
The Bible Factor
The Scripture Sampler
Shorter Comments
One-page introductions to all the books in the Hebrew Bible, the Apocrypha, and the Christian Scriptures. This is the basic resource for personal and small-group Bible study.
Provocative comments on many historical and literary aspects of the Bible. These are designed to stimulate discussion and encourage deeper study of the Scriptures.
One-page worksheets for exploring individual passages or chapters in the biblical literature. 
These provide helpful starting points for engaging key texts in the Bible..
In-Depth Articles
Longer Studies
Academic treatments of significant issues in New Testament studies. Some of these have been published in scholarly journals.
Dicussion guides for small groups on selected New Testament books. These vary in length from five to thirty sessions, and give participants a wide variety of questions and insights to enhance their conversations.
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Invitation to The Scripture Sampler
For 2,000 years the one book which has had more impact than any other writing on the history of the world has been the Bible. The stories, leg­ends, poems, sermons and letters collected in this book have captured the imagination of men and women and invited their response.   
In other words, the biblical literature is the most influential collection of documents ever to be assembled. Although the various writings were first composed to meet some rather specific issues in the ancestral history of the Jewish people and in the life of the early Christian community, they have since become canonized and enshrined as the world’s most widely read religious authority.
As such they have been valued as the Sacred Scriptures of Europe, their values have been embedded in the traditions of Western civilization, and they have thereby impacted the history of the entire world. The Americas, Africa, Asia, Australia—all have histories and communiies which value these writings. For nearly nineteen centuries the Bible has been used—and in many cases abused—to justify its readers’ personal, social and political agendas. Its impact is beyond calculation.
So for better or worse, the Bible remains a formidable factor in the cultural makeup of the modern world. No well-educated person in the 21st century can afford not to be familiar with the Bible’s teachings. Yet too few of us have a working knowledge of the biblical literature.
The Scripture Sampler offers resources which will help us appreciate the literary shape of the biblical texts, the historical background in which they were written, and the religious impact they can make on us as they continue to critique and encourage modern readers.
About the Author
The Rev. Dr Mark I. Wegener is a semi-retired Lutheran pastor who developed these resources over 45 years while serving rural, racially mixed, central city and suburban congregations in Illinois and Minnesota.
These studies are offered free of charge to all who wish to engage the Jewish and Christian Scripturs more deeply. They are based on the best biblical scholarship taught in our universities and mainline seminaries today.
Dr. Wegener continues to serve as an "advocate" for the Book of Faith initiative within the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.  
His weekly Just-A-Minute email postings provide subscribers with brief introduc-tions to the coming Sunday's Gospel both in the traditional ecumenical Revised Common Lectionary and also in the newer Narrative Lectionary.
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